Thursday, 4 June 2015

Issue Five

Issue Five - June 2015

Cover by Aldrin Barter

Our BritLit Special, featuring a full colour cover by Aldrin Barter, though these copies are limited to subscribers and selected outlets.

Televisions in Heaven by Ewan Morrison
Arcadia Planitia by Joe Hakim
Remembrance by Jeremy Young
White Field Green Sheep by Jeremy Young
Funny Money by Thomas McColl
Open Mic by Thomas McColl
Unfolded Tongue by Yuxing Xia
Love Disjointed by J.S. Watts
A Process by Terence Corless
The Siren in the Palace by Terence Corless
Waterlow Sunrise by Mark Piggott
Diversity by Shaun Stafford
Sore Losers by Ian Parris
Julia’s Joy by DJ Tyrer
Wally by Martin Knight
Fourtold Chapter 5 by Ray Hyland
Have Faith … in yourself by Mike Williams

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