Our Team

Our team is a small, but dedicated one.

Shaun Martin
The editor of The Literary Commune is Shaun Martin. Shaun, being an altruistic guy, paid to produce and distribute the first couple of issues of the magazine across the UK and Ireland. Based close to Peterborough in the UK, he endeavours to spread the word. He is a cameraman and video editor, and has worked on a number of short films, one or two of which he has also produced.

Jacqueline Grima
Jacqui is part of our editorial team and is also responsible for keeping our blog up to date. She is currently studying for an MA in Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University and also works as Student Editor-in-Chief of online student magazine, Humanity Hallows. When she's not writing, she loves listening to music, going to concerts and baking.

Ray Hyland
Our Irish distributor is Dublin-based Ray Hyland. Ray is also a writer and a film maker. Ray passes on UK-produced copies of The Literary Commune to our Irish audience. He also prints further copies which he also distributes.

Want to join our team? Well, if you're a contributor to our litzine, essentially you're already part of the team. We are a commune after all. That means that you should consider yourself responsible for spreading the word. You can also suggest ideas and strategies for TLC, and also suggest writers who may be interested in submitting work to us.

What we are looking for at the moment is a dedicated US-based distributor. Firstly, you should be altruistic (that's a euphemism for "able to print and distribute copies without us paying you" - as a rough guide, with paper and toner ink, you'd be looking at about £30-40 to print off 100 copies). Secondly, you should own a printer capable of duplexing. Duplexing means that you can print on both sides of the page. Each issue is A5 size, and uses up to 10 sheets of paper (four pages per sheet, two on either side). Thirdly, you should have places to distribute the magazine - creative writing groups, colleges, bohemian bars etc. Fourthly, you should be interested in writing. You could even be a writer yourself. What better way to get your work out there than to distribute the magazine in which your work appears?

Drop us a line at contact@theliterarycommune.co.uk if you fit the bill.

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