Our Submissions Policy

The back page of TLC traditionally prints these submission rules.


What we don’t like – romance, young adult fiction, general tales about vampires and other imaginary beings, reviews about caravans and stuff like that.
What we do like – transgressive fiction, urban fiction, reality fiction, life fiction, literary fiction, social commentary
Short stories – 2,500 words max.  Shorter works preferred.
Poems – 500 words max.
Articles – 1,500 words max 
Remember, though these are our rules, we would say that all rules are there to be broken. If you have something fabulous which breaks our rules, send it in to us. Have faith in your ability and in your work.

We publish issues on 1st February, 1st April, 1st June, 1st August, 1st October and 1st December throughout the year. Our windows for submissions are 1 December-18 January, 1 February-18 March, 1 April-18 May, 1 June-18 July, 1 August-17 September and 1 October-17 November.

You can send your stuff to us at submissions@theliterarycommune.co.uk or by checking out our Facebook page and sending us a Word document or text document there. The link for our Facebook page is on the right. If you have any problems with the submissions address, please forward your email to theliterarycommune@yahoo.co.uk.

It may be that we will get right back to you to accept your work. On occasions, where submissions are high, we will wait until after the expiry of a particular submission window so that we can assess all work submitted for suitability. We don't promise to print every submission - some things may not be right for The Literary Commune - but if we like it, there is every chance it will go in an issue at some point.

However, we will not hold any rights to publish the story without your acceptance, which can be withdrawn by you at any time prior to the publication date of the issue specified. We do not publish any submissions on either this blog site or on our Facebook page. At the moment, we do not publish electronically (i.e., in PDF format), but this is being considered. As a consequence of that, we reserve the right to republish at a later date a specific issue electronically, with the exact same content as the paper version. As TLC is a free publication, we don't - at the moment - pay writers or poets for their submissions. By accepting your submission for publication in The Literary Commune, you give us the right to print it in the selected issue. This does not give us the right to republish in a later issue, collection, annual or anthology of issues at a later date without your express permission. As writer/author, you retain the copyright for the work.

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