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The Literary Commune is free. We make that clear on the front of each issue. There may come a time when we will seek to charge readers for purchasing our litzine, but at the moment that isn't the case, and even when that does happen, we will endeavour to keep our price low, so that just costs are covered. However, there is a cost in producing the litzine each month. Our altruistic team dig deep into their own pockets to scrape together the paper, the ink, the envelopes and the stamps to ensure that each issue is sent out to all of you lovely readers.

You can help - if you want to. The button below is our "subscription" button. For £12 a year (£25 for non-UK), you can ensure that you get a copy of each issue of The Literary Commune the moment it comes out. If you manage to pick up a copy of TLC from one of our outlets, it will cost you nothing. If you feel you'd like to make a small donation, you can do that. All funds "donated" through our subscription button will be ploughed back into producing our litzine. Paper, it does grow on trees, but it costs money. Toner ink soon runs out. Envelopes and stamps ensure that our litzine remains a paper one, and not something you can only get online. We want to keep the ethos of our litzine alive, and you can help. You can become part of the Commune.

Subscriptions & Donations

Remember, you're not obliged to subscribe, whether you've been receiving copies in the past or whether you've only just asked for a copy. We will still give them away. But we have this dream - a dream where everyone who contributes to The Literary Commune, both writers and readers, has a vested interest in our future.

Whether you choose to subscribe, donate or just be an avid reader and supporter, know that you will always be part of our Commune.

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  1. Can I please have a copy sent? When does it come out on the internet? I have gone to the sight and not been able to see the writer's works...including my own. Please help me, what am I doing wrong?