Advertising in The Literary Commune

The Literary Commune is a free litzine, produced by an altruistic team based in the UK. It costs a lot of money to print and distribute TLC. The ethos of our litzine is that we do not charge people for a copy. It is distributed for free.

We end up with a lot of "white space" in the magazine, where stories end, and so it makes sense to place an advert there.

From April 2015, The Literary Commune will be going out across the UK, Ireland and the US, so your advert will be seen by a wide range of people.

Our advertisement fees are very reasonable.

A5 page
1/2 A5 page
1/3 A5 page

What adverts do we take?

There is no point in advertising your local business in The Literary Commune. It's unlikely some guy from the US or Ireland is going to want to hire your services, and it would be wrong for us to take your money and run.

Ads we're definitely willing to accept are those for books, music and films. If you're an Indie writer, musician or film-maker, and you have stuff available for people to buy online, we'd be happy to carry your ad. If you pay for an ad, and you have a link to your sales outlet, we can also carry that link on our blog here.

If you want to place an ad, our deadlines are as follows:-

February issue - 18 January
April issue - 18 March
June issue - 18 May
August issue - 18 July
October issue - 18 September
December issue - 18 November

Just drop an email to and we'll give you our payment details.

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