Thursday, 20 August 2015

Issue Six

Issue 6 - August 2015

Cover by Aldrin Barter

A Close Shave for Margaret Thatcher by G.A. Rice
With Relish by Chris Dungey
Gate Money by R.A. Allen
The Fantasy I Should Not Speak Of by Matthew J. Hall
What It Looks Like by Keith Lesmeister
I Can’t Be Held Accountable For the Fucked Up Shit You Do In Your Dreams by Max Mundan
A Horrible Truth by Jessica Klein
Clean by Jessica Klein
Next by Lance Nizami
Cowboys by Lance Nizami
Re: Drinking by Lance Nizami
Elixir by Mark J. Mitchell
Two-Part Invention by Mark J. Mitchell
Angels, Monsters, Superheroes by Andy Tu
Lucky by Jacqueline Grima
Fourtold Chapter 6 by Ray Hyland

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