Thursday, 8 October 2015

Issue Seven

Issue 7 - October 2015

Cover by Aldrin Barter

Why I Want To Fuck David Cameron by G.A. Rice
The Great Fragmenting by Ewan Morrison
Norfolk and Broads by Mark Piggott
Swastika Boy by Ben Nardolilli
Media and Personal Interests by Ben Nardolilli
Better in the Flesh by Annabel Banks
Outsider by Annabel Banks
Emergency Surgery by Annabel Banks
And His Mouth Is Most Sweet by Jacqueline Stephens
Plastic by Jacqueline Stephens
My Mother Tells Me Of Her Near Death Experience by Jacqueline Stephens
The 7-Day Drug Addict Exercise and Weight Loss Program by Max Mundan
Thundering Down The Isles by Martin Shaw
I Hate Myself and Long For Death by Matthew J. Hall
Bulldog by Catherine Murphy
Sea Front by Joe Hakim
Democracy: a Poem by Anon
A48935CB by Russ Litten
Fourtold Chapter 7 by Ray Hyland

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