Sunday, 14 February 2016

Issue 9

Jane Is Alive And Complicated by Matthew J Hall
morning naps extend and are thus substance by Carol Shillibeer
on the highway by Carol Shillibeer
urban aural composition, #32 by Carol Shillibeer
the angular velocity of the heart by Carol Shillibeer
construction, Great Northern Way by Carol Shillibeer
Sense by Jared A. Carnie
Memorial by Jared A. Carnie
The Girl And The Greek by Wayne f. Burke
Standby by Lance Nizami
Lips by Lance Nizami
Us, in 23 Lines by Lance Nizami
Pecking Order by Elaine Woo
Conflicted by Elaine Woo
Show Me A Hero by Len Kuntz
Underground Thoughts by Susan Lloy

1 comment:

  1. Lovely to see the new issue BUT my name has been anglicized to "Wood" as the accredited author of "Conflicted." I'm 'Elaine Woo not Elaine Wood:))