Wednesday 1 April 2015

Issue Four

Issue Four - April 2015

Cover by Cat Williams

Our US Special, featuring poets and writers mostly from the United States. Issue Four is also the first issue to feature a colour cover, though these are limited to subscribers and selected outlets.

The Need To Know by Fred Russell
Reality’s Graveyard by Fiada Fey
Silent Night  by Thomas Elson
After Bukowski by Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois
Around The School by Richard King Perkins II
Things the Bent Woman Sees by Richard King Perkins II
Pretty Autumn Sunset by James Croal Jackson
Headache – Internal Bleeding by James Croal Jackson
There Won’t Be Any People in Heaven by Kevin Heaton
Amnesty by Kevin Heaton
The Teacher by Joan McNerney
The History Professor by Joan McNerney
Fourtold chapter 4 by Ray Hyland
You Can’t Miss It by Frederick Pollack
Warp by Frederick Pollack
Pavement by Kenneth P Gurney
There For Me By Paul Lewellan
The Stuff of Fairy Dust by Karen Wright

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