Friday, 3 April 2015

Submissions for Issue 5

The submission window for Issue 5 opened on 1 April, and closes on 18 May. Issue 5 will be our BritLit special, and so we'd particularly like to hear from British writers. However, we will still be able to squeeze in one or two contributions from writers who aren't British. As always with submissions, if we can't get you in this issue, we might want to take your work for a following issue, so keep an eye on your inbox.

We have a better email filing system for submissions now, so everyone will get an acknowledgement that your submission has been received, and we will let everyone know whether or not their work has been accepted. This didn't happen in the past, so apologies to all people who have previously submitted work.

Please read our Submissions Policy before submitting work to us. Your piece of work may well be fantastic, but it probably won't be right for The Literary Commune and we'd be unable to publish it.

Thanks in advance for your interest. We're all looking forward to reading your submissions, even the ones we cannot publish.

Shaun M
The Literary Commune

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